Bowery Blue x Le Labo Fragrances: Denim Tote

Co-Director, Producer        -         Branded Content

This short vignette is a glimpse behind the new Le Labo x Bowery Blue collaboration. One man, Takayuki Echigoya (AKA Echan) and his collection of vintage Singer machines are the hands and tools behind each handcrafted denim tote, designed with Le Labo Fragrances.

Production Company: In Common Films

Creative Director: Deborah Royer // Co-Director, Producer: Kylie Juggert // Co-Director, DP: Megan Eleanor Clark // Gaffer: Gavin Cantrell, Matthew Hayes // Sound Mixer: Taylor Roy, Nicole Maupin // Driver, Production Assistant: Cedar Kerwin, Sebastian Tuinder // Editor: Megan Eleanor Clark // Colorist: Keyhan Bayegan // Sound Designer: Chip Sloan

37 Hours

Co-Director, Producer        -         Animation Documentary

We believe unrestricted access to reproductive services and sexual healthcare is a human right. This film is dedicated to the staff at Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette; without their endless energy and sacrifices, so many more would go without the care they need.

Please follow this link to directly contribute to their regional efforts.

Production Company: In Common Films

Directors: Kylie Juggert & Megan Eleanor Clark // Executive Producer: Rachel Monfils // Animator: Conner Lee // Graphic Designer: Miró Merrill // Sound Recordist: Callie Day // Sound Design: Jim Cooke // Clinician: Lena

Dads Who Swim

Captain        -         Short Documentary

Dads Who Swim is a short vignette that celebrates all of the dads who find community doing what they love, which in this case is sunrise swims at Henry Hagg Lake in Oregon. Wet suits and dad jokes required.

Production Company: In Common Films

DP, Editor, Grade, Daughter: Megan Eleanor Clark // Captain: Kylie Juggert // Sound Design: Jim Cooke // Graphics: Miró Merrill // Special Thanks: Koerner Camera and Carole Clark

Featuring: Phil Clark, John White, and Joe Steink


Co-Director, Co-Producer        -         Short Narrative

In a narrative dancing between both time and space, “ Daytripper” tells the story of a chance encounter that leads to an unforgettable romance. A quiet man travels out to The Pines with no other plans than to be with friends. Somewhere along the way, he takes a wrong turn that leads him to someone who will radically change not just his day, but potentially his future. At the end of the film, the audience is left with the question: can you walk away from true love?

Featured on All Arts.

Production Company: In Common Films

Director & Producer: Kylie Juggert, James Whiteside // Director of Photography: Megan Eleanor Clark (Fire Island), Matthew Hayes (Black Box) // Choreographer: James Whiteside // Wardrobe Designer: Angelo DeSanto // Original Score: Rory Khan Mohon // Co-Producer (F.I.): Carolina Kina // Assistant Director (F.I.) & Script Supervisor (B.B.): Jallen Messersmith // 1st AC (F.I.): Lisa Janae // 1st AC (B.B.): Cindy Chen // 2nd AC & Grip: Megan Clark // Gaffer & Grip (F.I.): Meicen Meng, Kiah Wiggins // Lighting Technical Director: Ashley Winkfield // Gaffer (B.B.): Alexei Topounov // Sound Recordist: Anastasia Goldberg // Production Assistant (F.I.): Audio Schott // Production Assistant (B.B.): Rachel Chambers // Set Photographer: Julia Bahlsen // Gear Driver: Sebastian Tuinder, Aleko Syntelis // Gator Driver: Bob Howard 

Editor: Julia Bloch // Assistant Editor: Angie Rodriguez // Sound Designer: Ryan Mauk // Re-Recording Mixer: Chip Sloan // Colorist: Megan Eleanor Clark // Graphic Designer: Kristin Hess // Music Consultant: Danial Cooper

Featuring: Jake Tribus, Lloyd Knight // Jim Luigs // Seneca Mudd

See All Arts for the full credits list.

Memories of Bergamot

Producer, Editor        -         Branded Documentary

Three families reminisce on the generations-old craft of bergamot farming and essential oil extraction in the south of Italy. In doing so, a unique relationship between man and nature is revealed; one that can be enigmatic to the everyday Soul but is as familiar to the farmers as the trees themselves.

Featured on Nowness.

Director: Megan Eleanor Clark // Producer: Kylie Juggert // Creative Director: Deborah Royer // Director of Photography: Megan Eleanor Clark // Fixer: Francesca Pacchiano, 8Feet Fixer // Steadicam Operator: Claudio Marceddu // Sound Operator: Chiara Santella // 1st Assistant Camera, Focus Puller: Gioia Casale Cambria // 2nd Assistant Camera, Grip: Anastasia Angelini // Drone Operators: Dario Della Mora & Emiliano Musuraca, Aeropix // Additional Cinematography: Daniele Botteselle // Set Photographer: Francesca Cao // Translator: Rosanna Pacchiano // Production Assistants: Monica Pacchiano, Vincenzo Pacchiano // Gear Driver: Antonio Silvestri

Editors: Kylie Juggert, Megan Eleanor Clark // Assistant Editor: Carolina Fudala // Music: Ryan Taubert, Max L.L., Hotel Neon // Color: Joseph Malina // Sound Design & Mix: Chip Sloan, Th3rd Sound // VFX: Courtland Sherreitt

Featuring: Marcello Foti, Riccardo & Napoleone Foti, Ugo Sergi, Vincenzo & Diego Amodeo

Family Meal

Director, Producer, Editor        -         Digital Series

The digital authority on Chinese cooking in English, the Leung Family is the small but mighty team behind the internet-famous cooking blog, The Woks of Life. This family of four garner millions of website views every month by working together to curate, research, develop, and cook Chinese recipes for their worldwide audience. 

As with any family business, there are complicated family dynamics and the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen” occasionally feels appropriate. But the respect and love Bill, Judy, Sarah and Kaitlin have for each other -- and subsequently put into the food -- makes them and The Woks of Life one of a kind.

Production Company: Blue Chalk Media 

Watch HERE.

Director, Producer, Editor: Kylie Juggert // Executive Producer: Greg Moyer // Supervising Producer: Matthew Slutsky // Director of Photography: Megan Clark // 2nd Camera Operator: Mimi D’Autremont // Assistant Camera: Malachi Broadus // Sound Recordist: Emily Strong // Graphics & Animation: Miró Merrill, Conner Lee // Production Manager: Sebastián Weinberg // Production Manager: Jessica Stewart // Creative & Sound Design: Jesse Crowell // Assistant Editor: Aubrey Moore // Color: Darren Hartman

Adaptive Climbing

Executive Producer, Editor        -         Branded Non-Profit

“Adaptive Climbing” was created with Adaptive Adventures & Eastern Washington University; it highlights the opportunities in the Spokane-area that make indoor climbing accessible to everyone.

Filmed in partnership with Inland Film Co.
Production Company: In Common Films

Director & DP: Megan Eleanor Clark // Executive Producer: Kylie Juggert // Producer: Emily Crosswhite // Assistant Camera: Sam McGhee // COVID Safety Officer: Kacie Dietz // Editor: Kylie Juggert & Megan Eleanor Clark // Score: Musicbed

Special Thanks: Adaptive Adventures, Inland Film Co., Wild Walls, Craig DeMartino, Mitch Williams, Robin Redman, Jeremy Weaver, Nancy Kiehn, Marc Kiehn, Jim Lane, Sean Halsted, John Shields, Phil Sanders, Kacie Dietz. Filmed with the Alexa Mini LF with Canon Sumire Primes.

Molly, Molly, Molly

Producer        -         Short Narrative

After a long hiatus, three childhood friends convene one summer afternoon for a backyard pool hangout in an attempt to rekindle their relationship. Longstanding fissures begin to rise to the surface as the afternoon wanes on; the characters realize that their friendships have indeed changed, and maybe not for the better. This short narrative asks the question, “are friendships meant to last?”

Production Company: In Common Films

Writer & Director: Bryce Baxter // Producer: Kylie Juggert // Director of Photography: Megan Eleanor Clark // Assistant Director: Cody McCracken // Art Director: Kylie LaCour // Casting Director, Asst. Producer: Kayla Hanson // Production Designer: Lauren Johnson // Script Supervisor: Hayley Cusick // Assistant Camera: Liz Moughon // Sound Operator: Jim Cooke // Gaffer: Matthew Hayes // Grip: Benny Einhorn // Swing, Gaffer: Eirinn Lou Riggs // Swing: Matt Johnson // Grip: Courtland Sherreitt // Craft Services: Casey Hastings // Production Assistants: Jacob Bilderback, Aiyana Shuler, Julia Townsend // Editor: Carolina Fudala //Colorist: Megan Eleanor Clark // Sound Mix: Jim Cooke

“Charlie”: Kayla Hanson // “Ada”: Myia Johnson // “Margo”: Jacquelle Davis

Special Thanks: Film Independent, Koerner Camera Systems, Gearhead Production Rentals, Ice Queen, Rollin’ Fresh, Claire Rigsby, and all of our donors


Co-Editor        -         Short Documentary

A parallel between Donald Trump’s immigration policies in 2018 and America’s history with incarcerating ethnic minorities.

2019 “Highly Commended” at AIBs for “beautiful editing and sound design” // Featured on

Production Company: Blue Chalk Media

Executive Producers: Greg Moyer, Pam Huling // Director and Producer: Megumi Nishikura // Creative Director: Rob Finch // Director of Photography: Megan Eleanor Clark // Additional Camera: Brian Dawson, Whitney Bradshaw // Editors: Kylie Juggert, Megan Eleanor Clark

The Honeymoon Sequel

Producer        -         Branded Content

A short that takes viewers on a trip down memory lane with Hank and Dottie Viola as they re-visit their honeymoon destination: Miami, Florida.

2019 winner in AdWeek Arc Awards, “Best Use of Short Form Nonfiction”
In Memory of Hank ❤️

Made in partnership with The Atlantic and Trivago.

Production Company: Blue Chalk Media

Executive Producers: Dane Bjorklund, Greg Moyer // Director: Nick Regalbuto // Creative Director: Rob Finch // Producer: Kylie Juggert // Director of Photography: Megan Eleanor Clark //  Additional Cinematography: Marianne Barthelemy // Sound Operator: Vlady Garcia // Senior Production Manager: Sebastian Weinberg // Editor: Eric Schoenbrunn