The Honeymoon Sequel

Producer        -         Branded Content

A short that takes viewers on a trip down memory lane with Hank and Dottie Viola as they re-visit their honeymoon destination: Miami, Florida.

2019 winner in AdWeek Arc Awards, “Best Use of Short Form Nonfiction”
In Memory of Hank ❤️

Made in partnership with The Atlantic and Trivago.

Production Company: Blue Chalk Media

Executive Producers: Dane Bjorklund, Greg Moyer // Director: Nick Regalbuto // Creative Director: Rob Finch // Producer: Kylie Juggert // Director of Photography: Megan Eleanor Clark //  Additional Cinematography: Marianne Barthelemy // Sound Operator: Vlady Garcia // Senior Production Manager: Sebastian Weinberg // Editor: Eric Schoenbrunn