Memories of Bergamot

Producer, Editor        -         Branded Documentary

Three families reminisce on the generations-old craft of bergamot farming and essential oil extraction in the south of Italy. In doing so, a unique relationship between man and nature is revealed; one that can be enigmatic to the everyday Soul but is as familiar to the farmers as the trees themselves.

Featured on Nowness.

Director: Megan Eleanor Clark // Producer: Kylie Juggert // Creative Director: Deborah Royer // Director of Photography: Megan Eleanor Clark // Fixer: Francesca Pacchiano, 8Feet Fixer // Steadicam Operator: Claudio Marceddu // Sound Operator: Chiara Santella // 1st Assistant Camera, Focus Puller: Gioia Casale Cambria // 2nd Assistant Camera, Grip: Anastasia Angelini // Drone Operators: Dario Della Mora & Emiliano Musuraca, Aeropix // Additional Cinematography: Daniele Botteselle // Set Photographer: Francesca Cao // Translator: Rosanna Pacchiano // Production Assistants: Monica Pacchiano, Vincenzo Pacchiano // Gear Driver: Antonio Silvestri

Editors: Kylie Juggert, Megan Eleanor Clark // Assistant Editor: Carolina Fudala // Music: Ryan Taubert, Max L.L., Hotel Neon // Color: Joseph Malina // Sound Design & Mix: Chip Sloan, Th3rd Sound // VFX: Courtland Sherreitt

Featuring: Marcello Foti, Riccardo & Napoleone Foti, Ugo Sergi, Vincenzo & Diego Amodeo