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Locals: Editor Pick

A Blue Chalk Media film, 2019

In this IGTV video, we follow Siobhan as she travels to Upstate New York on a weekend getaway. The clients, Travel + Leisure and Porsche, wanted to highlight the ease and glamour of “glamping,” a fun play on the words “glamour+camping.”

Watch the film here.

Executive Producers: Greg Moyer, Sam Morgan
Creative Director: Rob Finch
Director / Producer: Léo Hamlin
Producer: Kylie Juggert
Director of Photography: Chris Janjic
Assistant Camera: Grant Flanagan
Sound Mixer: Jason Todd
Editor: Kylie Juggert



A Blue Chalk Media film, 2019

This short documentary follows a young Japanese-American man as he retraces his ancestors’ footsteps through a Japanese internment camp, and draws a parallel to the xenophobic socio-political climate of today.

Watch the film here.

Executive Producers: Greg Moyer, Pam Huling
Creative Director: Rob Finch
Director / Producer: Megumi Nishikura
Director of Photography: Megan Eleanor Clark
Additional Cinematography: Whitney Bradshaw, Brian Dawson
Editors: Kylie Juggert, Megan Eleanor Clark



Fix Me a Plate SEASON 2 with Alex Guarnaschelli | Food Network

A Blue Chalk Media film, 2018

In the second season of Food Network’s digital series, Fix Me a Plate, Chef Alex Guarnaschelli travels to twelve new NYC restaurants.

Executive Producer: Greg Moyer
Creative Director: Rob Finch
Director / Producer: Matt Slutsky
Producer: Kylie Juggert
Project Manager: Sebastian Weinberg
Director of Photography: Jason Greene, Jamie Francis
Sound Mixer: Richard Cardone
Grip: Nick Mehedin
Editor (trailer): Kylie Juggert



A Blue Chalk Media film, 2017

Beatrice profiles a woman living in a rural village who fights not only HIV but also the stigma that comes with it.

Awarded with Best in Show in the “Online Video Nonprofit” category at the W³ Awards, “Award of Excellence” from the Communicator Awards, Gold Award in the “Charitable/Not-For-Profit” at the Davey Awards, and a Bronze statuette honor at the Lovie Awards.

Executive Producer: Pam Huling
Creative Director: Rob Finch
Producer: Eleonore Hamlin
Director of Photography: Jason Greene, Jamie Francis
Editor: Kylie Juggert
Assistant Editors: Maria Kjellstrand, Jesse Crowell
Production Assistant: Srushti Kamat


Fighting for Racial Equality: A Conversation Between Generations

A Blue Chalk Media film, 2017

This documentary weaves together three conversations between activists from two generations, one from the Civil Rights era and another from the Black Lives Matter movement. Together, these pairs explore how race, racism and activism has evolved over the past years, and how to move forward.

Shown at: New York Short Film Festival 2018

Role: Editor


A Dream of Sight

A Blue Chalk Media film, 2017

Made for the organization SEE International, the following video profiles a group of doctors who work in rural areas of Peru to restore vision to those who need it the most.

Awarded Quest Winner in the Nonprofit category at the GlobalTrend Video Awards, and featured on National Geographic and on the Blink.la Instagram account.

Co-Director: Brent Stirton
Co-Director: Robert Wilson
Director / Producer: Eléonore (Léo) Hamelin
Executive Producer: Pam Huling
Editor: Kylie Juggert, Rob Finch
Original Music: Rafael Fernandez Viedma


America's Opioid Crisis: Portraits of an Epidemic

A Blue Chalk Media film, 2017

This short documentary takes a critical look at the opioid epidemic, drawing from voices in the medical community, corrections officers and opioid addicts.

Role: Editor


The Gift: Tsuru Island Japanese Garden

A Blue Chalk Media film, 2017

With the help of the City of Greshman, Blue Chalk Media produced a poetic video testimony to the City’s Japanese garden, Tsuru Island.

Role: Producer & Editor