A Blue Chalk Media film, 2018

In this short film, kids answer questions about hunger, food insecurity, and why it’s crazy that people still throw away food.

Creative Directors: Kelly Wright
Writer: Jesse Vacek
Producer: Gordon Klco
Director of Photography: Jamie Francis, Megan Clark, Kylie Juggert
Graphic Design: Kelly Wright
Editor: Rob Finch
Sound Recording: Rob Finch, Gordon Klco
Food Stylist: Nicole Selis


An independent film, 2017

This short film offers a snapshot into the life of a worker in the tea fields of Sri Lanka.

Executive Producer: Ed Madison
Producers: Srushti Kamat
Director of Photography: Kylie Juggert
Additional Cinematography: Angelina Hess
Editor: Kylie Juggert

Strength in Families

An independent film, 2017

In partnership with the Washington Correction Center, Strength in Families shows how those incarcerated have many different identities. Made as a promotional video for WCC.

Executive Producers: Jean Kjellstrand, Torsten Kjellstrand
Producers: Kylie Juggert, Whitney Bradshaw
Director of Photography: Kylie Juggert
Additional Cinematography: Whitney Bradshaw
Editor: Kylie Juggert
Assistant Editor: Whitney Bradshaw